United states postal service essay

However, it was not untilwhen the requirement of the Postal Reorganization Act of was achieved that the postal service became completely self-sufficient. The company has a presence in more than 37, cities and towns across United States. It is an independent federal agency that makes deliveries to addresses in excess of 14 million every day and promises to deliver to any address in the nation, with million addresses being added each year.

United states postal service essay

Postal Service processes and delivers million pieces of mail and serves 3. Supervisors play a significant role ensuring that you get good service and that your mail and parcels reach you on time and in good shape.

United states postal service essay

The job requires an ability to identify strengths and weaknesses of alternative approaches to problems and time management, coordination and monitoring skills. Quality Control A supervisor in the post office oversees the sorting out and organizing of incoming and outgoing mail, parcels and freight deliveries.

He also ensures that employees appropriately package and prepare local and international cargo for dispatch by stamping and labeling them.

For example, he confirms that employees mark and label fragile parcels before dispatch. He selects mail and parcels randomly from trolleys to confirm that they have stamps and are placed in the right categories.

The supervisor is also responsible for ensuring that timelines, guidelines and policies -- on how to receive mail and attend to customers -- are met. Ensuring Employees Maintain Ethical Conduct A postal supervisor has a responsibility to adhere to professional ethics and ensure that those under their supervision do the same.

He monitors work attendance, punctuality and the quality of services employees provide. He also investigates customer complaints and identifies areas where discipline is lacking. It is also his responsibility to report cases such as employees who carry alcohol to the workplace or solicit bribes to help a client evade freight charges.

Training Employees Training employees ensures that post offices achieve higher efficiency and keep up with new mail and logistics, technologies and ideas. A post office supervisor identifies areas where skill or professionalism is lacking. He then works with the human resource department to implement training and refresher courses.

For example, a post office that is migrating from print to electronic stamps will need to train employees on the procedures, challenges and solutions. The supervisor also designs and implements orientation programs for new employees and briefs the new employees regarding the scope of their jobs.

Managing Records Post offices rely heavily on proper and accurate record-keeping to manage large volumes of mail and parcels. A supervisor sees that employees update records when they receive or release parcels and mail. The supervisor also processes paperwork and maintains information files.

Education Requirements To work as a post office supervisor, applicants may need training in vocational schools or an associate degree, depending on an employer's requirements. Employers provide on-the-job training for qualifying candidates. For instance, the Postal Service offers a week training and coaching called the Associate Supervisor Program to provide a practical hands-on experience for candidates selected for first-line supervisory positions.United States Postal Service Fiscal Year Integrated Financial Plan, November 20, , at 5 (Postal Service Integrated Financial Plan).

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KSA stands for Knowledge, Skills and Abilities; applicants need to address these qualities when answering requirements essays is to show that you possess the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to fill your desired position.

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Here is the official guide, published by the Postal Service at pfmlures.com: eCareer Instruction Guide. Postal Customer Satisfaction: A Primer of Four Surveys.

Aug 28 View PDF Report Number: RARC-WP Type: White Papers Category: Customer Service Comments. August 28, (RARC-WP) himself and the United States Postal Service.

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What a class act. Angelo Ortisi. Jul 10, Joyce Standige. Great service at White Rock. The United States Postal Service also gives the Senior Moroney Award for Scholarship in Postal History.

This award is open to faculty members, independent scholars, public historians or other non-degree candidates who have their work published in a scholarly journal.

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