Susan sontag at the same time essays

View Citation summary With the publication of Susan Sontag's diaries, the development of her career can now be evaluated in a more genetic sense, so that the origins of her ideas and plans for publication are made plain in the context of her role as a public intellectual, who is increasingly aware of her impact on her culture. In Understanding Susan Sontag, Carl Rollyson not only provides an introduction to her essays, novels, plays, films, diaries, and uncollected work published in various periodicals, he now has a lens through which to reevaluate classic texts such as Against Interpretation and On Photography, providing both students and advanced scholars a renewed sense of her importance and impact. Essays and Speeches, also receive a fresh assessment, as does her later work in short fiction, the novel, and drama, with a chapter discussing I, etcetera; two historical novels, The Volcano Lover and In America; and her plays, A Parsifal, Alice in Bed, and her adaptation of Ibsen's The Lady from the Sea.

Susan sontag at the same time essays

Summary[ edit ] "Against Interpretation" is Sontag's influential essay within Against Interpretation and Other Essays that discusses the divisions between two different kinds of art criticism and theory: Sontag is strongly averse to what she considers to be contemporary interpretation, that is, an overabundance of importance placed upon the content or meaning of an artwork rather than being keenly alert to the sensuous aspects of a given work and developing a descriptive vocabulary for how it appears and how it does whatever it does.

Reverting to a more primitive and sensual, almost magical experience of art is what Sontag desires; even though that is quite impossible due to the thickened layers of hermeneutics that surround interpretation of art and that have grown to be recognised and respected.

To Sontag, modernity means a loss of sensory experience and she believes in corroboration with her theory of the damaging nature of criticism that the pleasure of art is diminished by such overload of the senses.

Looking for books by Susan Sontag? See all books authored by Susan Sontag, including On Photography, and Regarding the Pain of Others, and more on Be skeptical, but keep your eyes and mind open at the same time. Qualifying Sontag, a single photograph of an event, place, time or whatever will only give you a limited perspective of that event, place or whatever. By Susan Sontag. ISBN ISBN Sontag's incisive intelligence, expressive brilliance, and deep interest approximately artwork, politics, and the writer's accountability to endure witness have secured her position as some of the .

In this way, Sontag asserts that inevitably, the modern style of interpretation separates form and content in a manner that damages an artwork and one's own sensorial appreciation of a piece.

Though they bear the stamp of their time, Sontag was remarkably prescient; her project of analysing popular culture as well as high culture, the Doors as well as Dostoevsky, is now common practice throughout the educated world.

And the artists and intellectuals she discusses — Nietzsche, Camus, Godard, Barthes etc — demonstrate that she knew which horses to back.At the Same Time: Essays and Speeches (Susan Sontag) at Sontag's incisive intelligence, expressive brilliance, and deep curiosity about art, politics, and the writer's responsibility to bear witness have secured her place as one of the most important thinkers and writers of the twentieth the Same Time gathers sixteen essays and speeches written in the last years.


At the Same Time is a collection of postumously published essays and speeches from the last few years. The collection reads like much of her work: articulate, precise, and always intellectually and morally "serious."4/5.

Susan sontag at the same time essays

Susan Sontag (/ ˈ s ɒ n t æ ɡ / () At the Same Time: Essays & Speeches ISBN Daniel Okrent, defended the newspaper's obituary, stating that at the time of Sontag's death, a reporter could make no independent verification of her romantic relationship with Leibovitz (despite attempts to do so).

Susan Sontag (January 16, – December 28, ) was an American essayist, novelist, intellectual, filmmaker, and activist. Sontag was an original, who broke the mold, creating a new role for the woman intellectual "gadfly," who engaged topics across a broad spectrum, always seemingly with a .

On Susan Sontag Susan Sontag was the first living intellectual who mattered to me. I discovered Against Interpretation early on in college, and its title essay at once confirmed and cast doubt upon what I sensed was my vocation.

Susan Sontag ().

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“At the Same Time: Essays and Speeches”, p, Macmillan 0 Copy quote. “Against Interpretation and Other Essays”, p, Penguin UK 0 Copy quote. It is a nostalgic time right now, and photographs actively promote nostalgia. Photography is an elegiac art, a twilight art.

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