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Working for a major retailer, the aim of this role is to co-ordinate the provision of all security and risk information and to manage the framework of how this is delivered to customers. To manage the implementation and maximise the benefits from data mining and to maximise the recovery of losses through criminal activity. Your main responsibilities will include; to manage the trial of a data mining solution and subsequent rollout to chain. Leading on from this the role will be the key point for analysis of the data and tasking of the security field team and to manage the smooth implementation of the new global Incident Reporting system in APIS ensuring UK business needs are met, including the migration of historical data and training of all relevant colleagues in use of the new system.

Professional cv writing service leeds

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professional cv writing service leeds

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professional cv writing service leeds

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The UK CV-writing market is not regulated as in the USA, where the letters CPRW (Certified Professional Resume Writer) indicate that the writer is a trained professional. This means you'll need to do some research and shop around to find someone with the appropriate writing skills.

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