My favourite movie a walk to remember essay

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My favourite movie a walk to remember essay

My favorite vacation that I can remember was when I visited Bali, Indonesia. I went there when I was 5 years old during Thanksgiving break. It is a beautiful island located in the South Pacific Ocean near Malaysia. It was a long flight to get there from New Jersey, but once we were there, we relaxed on the pure white sands of the beach and enjoyed the rest of our vacation.

Under the waterfall in the pool! We stayed in a beautiful hotel at the Nusa Dua beach away from the town. The weather was warm and sunny everyday.

The hotel had seven lagoons and swimming pools with beautiful blue colored water. They also had a huge waterfall above the swimming pool so I could swim under it. I had a lot of fun splashing water around.

A Walk To Remember Essays

At breakfast time with a very nice hostess. We got a complimentary bowl of fruit in our room everyday. It included an Asian fruit called dragon fruit, which is actually a cactus. Dragon fruit tastes wonderful! It is sweet and crunchy, and tastes like kiwi and pear mixed together.

They also served us pears, apples, and plums along with the dragon fruit. Since our guest room was on the first floor, I could walk out to the balcony and dive straight into the lagoon. It was a lot of fun because I could swim while my parents could watch me from the room.

This is how they dress in Bali. I remember visiting the city of Denpasar, which was half an hour away from our hotel. It was a very beautiful city with lots of green trees and plants. There were a lot of stores selling colorful wooden artwork, which was made by local artists.

Balinese people love art so they make different types of art such as paintings, sculptures, and woodcarving. The stores were small shops unlike lot of big supermarkets in America.

The people were very friendly, helpful, and courteous. They spoke the local languages, Balinese and Indonesian, which I could not understand, but they also spoke broken English. Bali has one main religion, Balinese Hinduism, which Bali also has many dances such as the pendet, which is a religious dance, legong, which is a dance for entertainment, baris, which is a war dance, and topeng, which is a mask dance.

My vacation to Bali was the best vacation for me because it was unique.Split your movie essay on my favourite horror films. Updated evaluate a community dedicated to me and other writing template - order. Mba video embedded in this day - put the time was about it . Everyone has a special hobby, or sport that they love to do.

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My favourite movie a walk to remember essay

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