Bio quiz 2

He returned to Delhi to graduate in English literature from St. Theatre[ edit ] As an undergrad, inhe became a founding member of "Theatre Action Group" TAGa theatre group in Delhi, under the artistic direction of Barry Johnand acted in numerous plays, most noted for his performance in and as Oedipus and Mozart in Amadeus. It was an inter-collegiate quiz show, still well remembered for the quality of quizzing and quizzers.

Bio quiz 2

InDolly the sheep was cloned. Which of the following processes was used? A use of mitochondrial DNA from adult female cells of another ewe B replication and dedifferentiation of adult stem cells from sheep bone marrow C separation of an early stage sheep blastula into separate cells, one of which was incubated in a surrogate ewe D fusion of an adult cell's nucleus with an enucleated sheep egg, followed by incubation in a surrogate E isolation of stem cells from a lamb embryo and production of a zygote equivalent Answer D Why do RNA viruses appear to have higher rates of mutation A RNA nucleotides are more unstable than DNA nucleotides.

B Replication of their genomes does not involve proofreading.

Bio quiz 2

C RNA viruses replicate faster. D RNA viruses can incorporate a variety of nonstandard bases. E RNA viruses are more sensitive to mutagens. Answer B The host range of a virus is determined by: A the enzymes carried by the virus. C the proteins in the host's cytoplasm. D the enzymes produced by the virus before it infects the cell.

E the proteins on its surface and that of the host Answer E Yeast artificial chromosomes contain which of the following elements? A centromeres only C origin of replication only D centromeres and telomeres only E centromeres, telomeres, and an origin of replication Answer E 18 The first cloned cat, called Carbon Copy, was a calico, but she looked significantly different from her female parent.

A The environment, as well as genetics, affects phenotypic variation. B Fur color genes in cats are influenced by differential acetylation patterns. C Cloned animals have been found to have a higher frequency of transposon activation D X inactivation in the embryo is random and produces different patterns.

E The telomeres of the parent's chromosomes were shorter than those of an embryo. Answer D Which of the following is characteristic of the lytic cycle? A Many bacterial cells containing viral DNA are produced.

B Viral DNA is incorporated into the host genome. C The viral genome replicates without destroying the host.

D A large number of phages are released at a time. E The virus-host relationship usually lasts for generations. Answer D 20 Viral genomes vary greatly in size and may include from four genes to several hundred genes. Which of the following viral features is most apt to correlate with the size of the genome?

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A can be used to eliminate the function of any gene in the genome. B can be used to introduce entire genomes into bacterial cells. C allow the expression of many or even all of the genes in the genome to be compared at once.

D allow physical maps of the genome to be assembled in a very short time. E dramatically enhance the efficiency of restriction enzymes. A After infection, the viral genes immediately turn the host cell into a lambda-producing factory, and the host cell then lyses.

B Most of the prophage genes are activated by the product of a particular prophage gene.

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C The phage genome replicates along with the host genome. D Certain environmental triggers can cause the phage to exit the host genome, switching from the lytic to the lysogenic.

Answer C 23 To introduce a particular piece of DNA into an animal cell, such as that of a mouse, you would find more probable success with which of the following methods?

Bio quiz 2

Which vector would be appropriate?This is a multiple-choice quiz based on Unit 2 materials which includes classroom notes, discussions, and your readings in Modules 3 & 4. This is an open notes quiz. Biology Part 2 Online Quiz. Advertisements. Previous Page. Next Quiz. Following quiz provides Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) related to Biology.

You will have to read all the given answers and click over the correct answer. If you are not sure about the answer then you can check the answer using Show Answer button.

2 Question 1 In the bacterium Funditus fabricatus, the metabolism of the sugar ridiculose is dependent on the rid operon shown below. The ridiculose operon encodes the enzymes shown in the following pathway.

This quiz is dealing with the classification of animals, so a zoology quiz. Take your time, use the process of elimination, and do your best.

Use the prompt below this paragraph to help answer the questions. $1 $1Every animal has a classification, or class, for instance, the frog belongs to the amphibian class, and a dog would belong to the mammal class.

$1 $1Put each of the following animals. Review page for BIO - Lab Quiz 2. This page contains information concerning Tuesday's lab quiz. It includes an outline for the topics to be covered, as well as links to images that you might find helpful. Biological Molecules Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 2 PDF Download.

Learn biological molecules multiple choice questions, online A level biology test 2 for colleges and universities test prep with e-learning degree, online courses. Practice molecular biology and biochemistry multiple choice questions (MCQs), biological molecules quiz questions and answers on molecular biology and.

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