An analysis of the concept of boarding schools and their benefits

The academics, the athletics and the extracurricular activities are just a few considerations. Here are the 10 top reasons why you should go to boarding school. Why should you consider sending your child to boarding school?

An analysis of the concept of boarding schools and their benefits

Here are 10 facts about boarding schools which the schools want you to know. If you are considering sending your child to boarding school, this data and information will address some of your concerns. There are over boarding schools in the U. Most boarding schools prepare their students for college level work.

Hence the name, "college prep" or "prep" which you will see in many school names. Most boarding schools are coeducational. They accept and teach only boys or girls. There are several types of boarding schools.

Alternative and therapeutic schools serve specific needs such as emotional and disciplinary issues. They have the skilled, highly credentialed staff to ensure the best possible outcome for your child. They focus on college preparation as well.

American Indians of the Pacific Northwest Collection

Military schools combine academics and the military training many young people and their parents demand. As you will see when you review the boarding school profiles on this site, there literally is a school for every need and requirement. Some schools are purely residential.

Other schools are a mix of boarding and day students. A true boarding school has most of its students resident on campus.

Indian Residential Schools as an example of historical trauma

But if a school happens to be located in a town or other major population area, it could have a significant percentage of day students. Because day students leave at the end of the academic day.

While they will come back for sports and extracurricular activities, they are off campus evenings and weekends. All schools choose their own curricula.

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The state in which a school is located will have legislated minimum requirements for curriculum content which every school must meet or exceed. There are several flavors of academics to be found in boarding schools.Basic Concepts in Item and Test Analysis.

Susan Matlock-Hetzel. Texas A&M University, January Abstract.

An analysis of the concept of boarding schools and their benefits

When norm-referenced tests are developed for instructional purposes, to assess the effects of educational programs, or for educational research purposes, it can be very important to conduct item and test analyses. In your boarding school research, you'll likely hear that "boarding school is an education in and of itself." While a little corny, the phrase is true - living in a boarding school community leads to learning that is just as (or more) valuable than the education you get strictly in a classroom.

The current paper reviews research that has explored the intergenerational effects of the Indian Residential School (IRS) system in Canada, in which Aboriginal children were forced to live at schools where various forms of neglect and abuse were common.

An analysis of the concept of boarding schools and their benefits

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We work with boarding schools for individual families and find them the best available options for their requirements of a boarding school. The “economic” theory that may be constructed out of an analysis of individual choice provides an explanation for the emergence of a political constitution from the discussion process conducted by free individuals attempting to formulate generally acceptable rules in their own long-term interest.

A SWOT analysis for schools is a tool that can provide prompts to the governors, management teachers and staff involved in the analysis of what is effective and less effective in the schools systems and procedures. Often used in preparation for a plan of some form (that could be an audit, assessments, quality checks etc.).

Basic Concepts in Item and Test Analysis