An analysis of the capital punishment the civilized way of disposing unwanted criminals

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An analysis of the capital punishment the civilized way of disposing unwanted criminals

Controlling or eliminating crime and criminals is no easy task but it can not be ignored.

This series provides examples of the following:

Making sure those that are rightly accused to a just punishment is very important. There are many reasons why people commit crimes; some do it for the shear of enjoyment others do it to be able to survive. The death penalty should not be used for every crime, although I strongly believe it should be used for those who commit very violent crimes, such as murder.

Deterrence is the means to punish those who commit crimes as an example and to create fear in others who might want to commit a crime. The death penalty is one way we use to create fear! Most people fear death one way or another.

An analysis of the capital punishment the civilized way of disposing unwanted criminals

Ernest van den Hagg, in his article "On Deterrence and the Death Penalty" mentions, "One abstains from dangerous acts because of vague, inchoate, habitual and, above all preconscious fears" Without this type of deterrence what would stop criminals that already in prisons for life keep from killing another inmate or a staff that works there?

There are those that are against the death penalty called anti-death penalty advocates, they say that imprisonment by it self is enough to deter criminals, killing criminals is not needed! Hugo Bedau argues in his article, "Capital Punishment and Social defense" says, "Crimes can be deterred only by making would-be criminals frightened of being arrested, convicted, and punished for crimes" Yes the death penalty is irreversible but the chance that an innocent person gets sentenced to death is extremely low.

They do this by making sure that only when guilt is determined by clear and convincing evidenced be punished. Even so those that receive the death penalty have the right to appeal to a court that is higher.

There is far less number of death sentences then life imprisonment sentences without parole given out every year. According to Federal Justice Statistics, inthere were approximately criminals sentenced to life imprisonment as opposed to 74 criminals sentenced to death Internet.

This is a good example that the judicial system is very careful with death sentences.A civilized society should have the right to use capital punishment on its citizens. The death penalty should be reserved for the most heinous crimes.


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So, giving punishment to the criminals is not in tune with the norms of a civilized society. d) Criminals do not deserve punishment as criminals are able to realise their wrong themselves in course of time. Capital Punishment has ended the lives of criminals for centuries.

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