An analysis of haircut by jim lardner

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An analysis of haircut by jim lardner

His narration concerns the town practical joker, Jim Kendall, who was recently killed in what everyone supposes was an accident. The barber is a typical resident of a small, unnamed Michigan town near Carterville, who is telling the newcomer how, in his opinion, the liveliness of the town has diminished since the demise of Jim Kendall, whose shaving mug the barber still keeps on the shelf.

In the letters, he hinted that their wives were being unfaithful. Then, when his wife began trying to collect his salary before he got to it, he began borrowing against his wages in order to foil her plan, and, the barber adds, Jim punished her by inviting her and their two children to the circus, where he left them waiting at the tent entrance and never appeared with the tickets.

An analysis of haircut by jim lardner

At this point in the narrative, the barber tells of how Doc Stair, a new doctor in the town, saw them and paid their way into the circus, thus incurring the enmity of Jim. The barber then describes how Doc Stair came to town and gradually built up a good practice, and how he was very lenient with those who could not pay their bills.

He relates how the doctor became coroner when the old coroner died because he was the type of person who could not refuse when asked to do a favor.

Story of the Week: Haircut

Because of these jokes, the barber says, Paul has nothing to do with most people except Doc Stair and Julie Gregg, the only two residents of the town who show him kindness.

This thought leads him to relate how Julie Gregg fell in love with Doc Stair when she took her invalid mother in to see him. After she called the marshal, Jim decided to revenge himself on her by playing one of his tricks.

The barber says that later, when Jim came looking for someone with whom to go duck shooting, Paul Dickson volunteered to join him. According to the barber, Paul accidentally shot Jim in the boat while handling a gun for the first time in his life.Jun 22,  · From this haircut short story by Ring Lardner will explain about characters which appears in this short story.

It will also explain about how author present each characters in this short story. It will also explain about how author present each characters in this short story.

Ring Lardner's Haircut is a one-way conversation piece and is well written. Lardner uses irony and dramatic narration to talk about a well-built evil and shallow Jim Kendall. Whitey the barber doesn't perceive Jim to be anything but an innocent practical joker who meant no harm/5.

Based from the story, and compared against the rest of the characters, the antagonist in Ring Lardner's "Haircut" was Jim Kendall.

Free essay on Character Analysis of the Narrator in "Haircut"

Transcript of Haircut: A Short Story by Ring Lardner. Haircut: A Short Story by Ring Lardner AUTHOR Jim's friend and fellow jokester; not as cruel as Jim Themes American sports columnist, short story writer and playwright Well known for his satirical takes on sports, marriage and theater.

Nine years later, Lardner would feature the same character, “mindless chatter and all,” in his most well-known and anthologized story, “Haircut.” It was Lardner’s first short story in nearly three years. Haircut: A Short Story by Ring Lardner AUTHOR Ring Lardner () Setting The story is narrated from a barber shop in Michigan and the narrator himself states that the town "ain't no New York City or Chicago", which immediately gives readers the feeling that this story takes place in .

Haircut by Ring Lardner