1967 referendum essay help

Messenger On May 27,campaigners for Aboriginal rights and status won the most-decisive referendum victory in Australian history. In fact, the referendum did not secure those outcomes.

1967 referendum essay help

In reckoning the numbers of the people of the Commonwealth, or of a State or other part of the Commonwealth, aboriginal natives shall not be counted.

Section of the Constitution which excluded Aboriginal people from being counted in a census [1]. Until well into the early s politicians feared that by counting Indigenous people this would affect the quota that decided the number of seats a state could hold in parliament. Hence the greater the number of Aboriginal people within a state, the greater the number of seats.

This, it was argued, would give advantage to states with a great number of Aboriginal people [2] and it was feared that Western Australia and Queensland could lose a seat. The white Australian population at that time was about 3.

Trailing after the primitive tribesmen for the purposes of enumeration would have been more difficult than rounding up a mob of wild brumbies. SMH [2] Petitions, motions and private bills: Australia is shocked—petitions In early the Grayden Report revealed that malnutrition, blindness and disease were all commonplace among the Aboriginal people of the Warburton Ranges region [3], about km west of the border between Western Australia and South Australia.

To achieve equal citizen rights for Aboriginal people the FCAA wanted the Australian Constitution to be changed to enable the Commonwealth government to legislate also for Aboriginal people.

The Aboriginal-Australian Fellowship ran a petition campaign in about the situation of the Aboriginal people of the Warburton Ranges. A year later the FCAA ran a similar petition which was signed by 25, people in three months [3].

Both petitions called for the amendment of section 51 and the repeal of section Initiatives from within the government In the Australian Labor Party opposition submitted an urgency motion seeking a referendum to include Aboriginal people in the census [4].

Constant battle From to more than 50 petitions were submitted to the government, all asking the same change: To change section 51 and to repeal section of the Constitution.

Part of this wave of petitions was due to the work of the FCAA who in ensured that over a seven-week period every day began with the tabling of petitions [3]. It was a clever move: Instead of submitting one big petition presented only once and then filed, a new petition each day kept the issue alive.

The FCAA managed to collect more thansignatures in favour of a constitutional change. Discussion if section should be repealed or not shifted to when it should happen and the costs of a referendum [6].

1967 referendum essay help

It took just on 10 years to get the Federal government to agree to hold a referendum and then only after 15 months of petitions being presented in the Parliament on every single sitting day. A referendum at last?

On 11 November it was announced that a referendum would be held on 28 May seeking approval to increase the number of members in the House of Representatives to match the growing population and, among others, to repeal section [7].

Our story is really Caleb’s story.

No mention of section 52 at this time for the government was still convinced that it protected Aboriginal people rather than discriminated against them. The previous 12 referendums included 26 proposals, four of which Australian voters agreed with but 26 they rejected.

Consequently the Prime Minister must also have feared that if he included too much change, Australians might have rejected the referendum altogether and with it the increase in the House of Representatives.

J Hassen and daughter protesting outside Parliament House in Canberra. Wentworth campaigned strongly for the amendment of section 51 of the Constitution. He argued that by enabling the Commonwealth to make laws for the Aboriginal people these would be for their advancement. State laws would not be affected by Commonwealth legislation and states could receive federal funding [8].

It took over responsibility for keeping the constitutional amendment issue politically alive. On December 1st, a group of 36 Aboriginal people went to Canberra to protest about clause 26 of section 51 [9].

Outside Parliament House they showed placards while they lobbied Members of Parliament inside, including Mr Wentworth.The Referendum 1. Definition What was the Referendum about? What were the changes to the Constitution that were proposed? The Referendum was certainly a milestone in Australia’s history.

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It was a public vote to determine Australia’s opinion on altering the Constitution in regards to Indigenous Australians. The Australian referendum of 27 May , called by the Holt Government, approved two amendments to the Australian constitution relating to Indigenous pfmlures.comcally it was a vote on the Constitution Alteration (Aboriginals) , which became law on 10 August following the results of the referendum.

The amendments were . Below is an essay on " Referendum" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. A referendum as defined by Google is a general vote by the electorate on a single political question that has been referred to them for a direct question.

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‘Right wrongs, write Yes’: what was the referendum all about?